Saint Cloud

I’m not talking about Saint Cloud, MN but the quaint small town of Saint Cloud, FL. I have lived in many places in my short life, and each place has a different vibe to it, each making it special to that specific location. However, I have really grown to love the small little city of Saint Cloud, FL. Specifically, the downtown Saint Cloud city center, which is under a refurbishment facelift, but it still has its unique brick roads and most of the buildings are original. This little city center is full of fun shops, fantastic restaurants and is updating each and every day.

If you are ever in the Orlando area, Saint Cloud is a must visit. It is located south of the Orlando Airport, and is more directly south of East Lake Tohopekaliga (E. Lake Toho for short, simply because I cannot pronounce the actually name). Once you make your way down to our little city, be sure to drive along Lakeshore Boulevard, you will see East Lake Toho out your window along with cyclist, skaters, walkers, joggers, and dogs walking their owners. It’s beautiful to watch each of the locals getting out and exercising down the walk paths. as you continue down the drive down Lakeshore you will pass by the Lakeshore beach, where you can go play volleyball, or layout and bask in the sun. For lunch you can have a cook out at one of the grills and set up the kids at the picnic tables. If it gets a little to hot the kids can swim in the lake or play on the kids playground which has a splash zone. If you didn’t pack a lunch, be sure to grab a seat at the restaurant, Crabby Bills, located right next to the beach.

If you are looking less to lay out in the sun but prefer to spend a little money, take a turn from Lakeshore Blvd onto Florida Ave. Follow the avenue all the way down until you come to Tenth Street. At this intersection be sure to park and grab a cup of coffee at my ultimate favorite little family owned coffee shop, Southern Grounds. You will not be disappointed by the craft coffee or teas. You can even start your shopping here, the shop has wood decor signs for sale, each sign handmade by the Coffee Shop owners mother. If you need a salon day, be sure to schedule right next door to Salon Emvy, owned by the sister to the coffee shop owner. Its a beautiful blessing the family gets to do what they love with the one they love nearby. After you have had your caffeine fix. You can either walk or drive through the rest of downtown, but lets get a little exercise and walk.

As you leave Southern Grounds, go straight out the door and head down Tenth Street, approximately half a block you will come to a restaurant named Phyre, they have unique cocktails and a prohibition vibe and look. If you are looking to catch a movie take a fews steps right past Phyre and you’ll be in the original movie theater in our small town, the Saint Cloud Twin Theater. If you have time before your movie starts, head towards New York Ave. just two blocks over, down New York you’ll find an array of shops, my two favorites shops are, Southern Roots Antique and Ellas What Not Shop. If you are a foodie, be sure to grab a seat at Loading… Gastrobrunch, they have fantastic cocktails and the food is actually to die for, my ultimate favorite is the Macho Waffle Tacos, you cannot go wrong with them. As you finished your lunch, and are looking for more shopping their are many clothing shops along New York Ave.

As you finish shopping and are ready to make your way back to the theater for your movie, swing around to Pennsylvania Ave and grab a couple brews at Brews ‘n’ Blues, or if you are whiskey drinker, they have a large menu to choose from and offer Whiskey flights. If you haven’t taken my recommendations thus far on food, be sure to grab food here, our particularly favorite items here are the Ahi Tuna Nachos and the Pretzel with Beer Cheese, seriously the best beer cheese ever!!!!!

There are so many special gems in this little city. If you are looking to stay here in Saint Cloud, the city doesn’t have very many lodging options, however there is the original hotel in the downtown area called Hunter Arms, this is a unique hotel and I personally love the lobby as it feels like a lodge and the rooms take my back in time, but unfortunately as a whole the hotel smells like smoke and I personally am not a fan. But if this is not a deterrant for you, book a room. There is one other hotel that appears to be under construction but will be amazing when it does.

Our little city has much to offer for a day, its a special place and I hope you enjoy it if you get to explore it.

Published by Chelsea Rae Pettit

Owner and Operator of Positively Pettit

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