What is under the color?

Why do we, primarily, women change our hair? I started wondering this when I was falling down the rabbit hole of scrolling Pinterest in my hunt for my next hairstyle. I knew I wanted something drastic and different. I always do when I am looking to change my hair style. I personally love the idea of changing it to bright and off the wall hair colors. I colored my hair years ago to green. I loved everything about that color, not only that it is my favorite color but it was not something most people choose when coloring their hair. You find most do purples, pinks, blues but green felt almost like something most people didn’t want. I loved the individuality of it, and I loved how I felt with green hair, but personally just changing my color I usually love the way I feel when its different. Why is that?

Well I wanted to find the answer to this question, so I did a search, of course on Google. I found by reading Psychology Today, that we tend to change our hair primarily for our self-esteem. Which when reading this article, I relate most, because when I look back on my many styles and colors and realize, for most of them I changed because I wasn’t feeling good about myself, or I changed based off a negative experience in life and I associated changing my hair color or style would help change me to feel better about myself or give me a new take on life. I learned as I grew older that the change of hair didn’t change me even if it did give me a momentary zest for life. But ultimately the low self-esteem would still be there, the hair color or style had no major baring on that and it was always a temporary fix.

Now I question why do I do it now? I won’t say be any means I have the best self-esteem or highest level of self confidence, and truly its something I strive to have within myself. I mean in todays world it is hard to constantly see what the world find beautiful compared to what I see in the mirror. But I believe there are small changes being made to accept everyones individual beauty on the inside and out, the world doesn’t change so easily or quickly. And outside of the entire world, its easy to get lost in what your own individual enemy tells you. Without the magazines or tv, I look daily at myself in the mirror and see all of my flaws and pick each a part, its no wonder I am my number one enemy and I’ll pay some tribute to the second enemy of that pesky devil that likes to creep in and make me see myself differently than how I was intendedly created by God. But when I am tough on myself its easy to fall victim to low self-esteem. It’s great to have a new hair style and color to feel that zest of change and beauty.

Personally I have learned over the years what colors I like best on myself and what styles work best for my face, but it doesn’t change the fact I still like experimenting. Now I have been able to go all natural with my natural hair color, and as an experiment to find self love and confidence I wore that color for many years and learned to love what God gave me. And learned to accept that and really enjoyed saving my money, but I also realized I wanted to change my color for fun, thats why I went crazy and turned my hair green because I realized it would be for fun, not because I felt insecure but because I wanted to be playful with my hair.

It was not long after that I realized I needed to have a more natural color because in my new employment, natural was the only thing accepted. So to accommodate I changed. I now realize that it isn’t just for ourselves we tend to change but we change for others. But why? I know for my job, its expected of my to not have crazy hair or tattoos, because they don’t want you to be you, they want a version of you that is acceptable to their standards. But I stay accomodating to that vision because it is what I have to do, but while I’m held to their standard, I won’t expect myself to not push it to that acceptable limit. So after employment, I changed to red, wanted to express my firey personality in my hair, then I decided I would take it more natural to brunette for money reasons. But I will push a little outside my comfort zone with my color and cut to see which works best.

So now as I wrap this up, I realize that I have changed my hair based on my need for self-esteem or a confidence boost, also I have changed my hair based on my employers expectation, and I have even changed it because finanically I couldn’t afford it. I have learned that I prefer my hair to be red or dark brown, I actually hate blonde because I feel its to common for women to want that change and although it looks okay on me, I feel like a follower with it. My favorite color is and will remain green and when I am able to work for myself I will have that color. I know that I prefer the less maintenance of short hair, and personally I feel better with short hair. I am more insecure with long hair and believe there is more of an expectation for me with long hair. I have learned that no matter what color and style I choose, I have to navigate the change with grace and learn to love myself all over again with each change. Pull from the change the power I need to make big moves no matter what it means. Use it for empowerment and not as a mask.

Here is just another site I found during my google search that was interested and worth the read. Hair Color Psych

Heres a few photos of my many color and cut changes.

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