Saint Augustine

Keith and I took a quick 2 day trip to the oldest city in America, Saint Augustine. This was both our first time visiting this neat city. If you are interested in taking a trip there, I will share with you our travel itinerary. For Keith and I we drove, simply because we live roughly about 2 hours away from there so it was a short ride for us.

We left on a Sunday morning after dropping our lovely pups off at the dogsitters, who we and our pups absolutely love! We took the drive up north, and arrived at 11:00 am to our first destination, Ice Plant so we could enjoy brunch, which just happens to be my favorite meal of the day. While there we enjoyed our first drink of the day, I had a mimosa made with fresh homemade OJ, (because what brunch is complete with out it) and Keith started the day with a beer, more specifically a Veteran Scout Dog 44 Red Ale. Just a little fact, my husband is huge beer lover so every where we go he always get a beer and always has to try the local brews. Keith and I usually like to order two things and split them evenly, we always share our food when we are out to eat. We ordered the Eggs Benedict made with blue crab on top of white cheddar biscuits, dill hollandaise (freshly made), with potato hash, and it was absolutely delicious. We also ordered the Avocado Toast with NC smoked trout cavair, fennel, lemon cream, herbs. This was a refreshing entree, but my favorite was the eggs benedict. This is a must eat if you are planning a trip to St. Augustine.

After we finished off our plates, we walked next door (the actually shared the same building) to the St. Augustine Distillery, where we were able to do a self guided tour around the distillery and participate in tastings of the vodka, rum, bourbon, and gin all of which was made right there. It was fascinating and I would say my favorite was the rum. We bought a souvenir cup and then moved onto our third location for day one at about 1 PM.

Our third stop of the day was, San Sebastián Winery, we participated in the self guided winery and tasting tour, where we tasted 9 different wines. My favorite was the Vinters Red because it taste exactly like a sangria, so of course at the end of the tour and tastings I went to the gift shop and purchased my very own bottle. As soon as we finished tasting wines, we went up to the rooftop bar above the winery and ordered a round of drinks and listened to smooth live music. Keith of course order a beer at a winery, and struck up a conversation with our helpful bartender, who recommended we check out one of the local breweries. Yep you guessed it, after we finished our drinks we headed directly to the Bog Brewery. Due to COVID, the bar was closed and they were only offering to-go services. So we grabbed a few different brews to go. We still haven’t tried them all yet but we ordered the Saison Blanc, Mexican Amber Lager (tried and liked it), Belgian Tripel IPA, West King Haze IPA.

About 3 PM, we luckily were able to check into our AirBnB early, we stayed in the St. Augustine Tiny House. Once we checked in, we spent a few hours relaxing, I read a little bit while Keith lounged in the hammock in the yard. This was just what we needed to be able to get a second burst of energy as we headed over to St. George Street, where we enjoyed dinner at Scarlett O’Hara’s. After we carb loaded, we walked around the old streets and explored a couple different shops until we found a cigar shop for Keith to grab a couple cigars. We called the night early and went back to relax around our tiny house and of course a cigar was lit.

Day two: Monday

We woke up in the morning, packed up our bags, loaded the car and returned to the St. George Street. We found a great street parking spot and walked along the city streets until we found coffee at Crucial Coffee Cafe, because no great day starts without the blessing of coffee. Once we bought our coffee we decided to walk around more of the city streets to check out more local shops. We didn’t make it down every street, but we made it over to see the oldest school, although it was closed it was still a unique sight. Then we continued on our search for more history, and we found ourselves at the Pirate and Treasure Museum, because I wanted to complete the scavenger hunt while Keith was interested in the histroy and would love to become a new age pirate. Of course, I support all his dreams and aspirations. As soon as we finished our hunt and completed our self guided tour, we were able to walk across the street to the Castillo de San Marcos, due to COVID, it is closed but we were still able to walk around the outside of the fortresses and be able to get a few pictures. Personally it was nice that it was closed, it wasn’t very crowded so thankfully our pictures don’t have a ton of people in the background.

As we were getting hot in the high heat of the day, we decided we were ready for a cold drink, as we were headed to our chosen restaurant for lunch, we stopped into the Auggie’s Draft Room. We tried a whole bunch of different brews which was refreshing for our day in the sun. After a good rounded beer tasting, we decided to get back out in the sun to finish our walk to lunch. Keith and I dined at The Floridan, (due to COVID- they only had outdoor seating available) this restaurant is one of the top recommended restaurants and a must try when you are in St. Augustine. We ordered the Company’s Coming! and the Burrito Fresco with the local catch of Mahi. The food is fresh and packed with flavor.

That wraps up our two day getaway to Saint Augustine. If you are planning a trip there in the future, I hope these suggestions help you have a wonderful time. We loved our little getaway and it was just enough time to explore and do everything we set out to do. Thanks for stopping in and reading.

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